Pre Ride:

Travel to start point at Canadian Forces Bases Greenwood.

Participants are welcome to make their own way out to the start point at the Military Aviation Museum at Canadian Forces Base Greenwood, NS.

Parking available for those driving
Riders can park their cars at 27 Walker Ave in Lower Sackville. The place is called Wheatons furniture store and they have agreed to letting the riders park there over the weekend on the gravel part of their parking lot
Meet and Greet

Friday, August 23rd there will be a meet and greet more info to follow.

Friday night accommodations
There will be limited number of rooms available at 14 Wing Greenwood, complements of the Wing Commander. They will be on a first come first serve bases at no cost to riders coming from away. Riders can contact me on my cell 902-840-0325 or

The Ride:

Where does the ride start?

The ride starts at the Aviation museum in Greenwood, Nova Scotia 09:00 the 24th of August. If you did not attend the meet and greet on the evening of Friday 23rd August please arrive at least thirty minutes in advance to allow time to register.

Will I be able to park my car in Greenwood for the weekend?

Parking will be made available to those that are attending the ride for the entire weekend.

What sort of roads will we be riding on?

The route will follow country roads through small farming communities along the picturesque Annapolis Valley into Wolfville Home of Acadia University the first day. We will leave on the second day heading over the mountain into the Gaspreau Valley, wine country and through small villages into Halifax to complete the ride on Citadel Hill. Day two will complete the connection as we pass under the Dedicated Highway of Heroes route 111 From Canadian Forces Base Shearwater to Halifax. All roads will be paved with signs and markers to keep the riders safe and on route. Rider safety is our number one priority at all times while riding the route.

How long will be we riding each day?

The first day will take the riders 92kms through small towns, up to the look off on the north mountain and into Wolfville. Day 2 will be a longer ride of 112kms through wine country and into Halifax, NS. There will be aid & hydration stations located every 25 km along the route and there will be SAG (Support And Gear) Wagon accompanying the group of riders in case of mechanical failure, fatigue or medical emergencies.

Will we be riding as a group?

There will be a strong emphasis on rider participation and comradery throughout the ride. Throughout the day riders will inevitably form-up into smaller groups with others of like speed. There will be both rest stops and a lunch stop on the ride each day. We will be using those stops to bring the riders back together.

We will be asking faster riders to take their time and enjoy each of the lunch and rest stops while allowing slower riders to return the larger group. We want to take care of each other out on the roads!

What is available at the Rest Stops?

At each of the Rest Stops, riders will be served Bananas, Oranges, Energy bars, Chips, Cookies (gluten free chips and cookies will be available), Water and electrolyte drinks.

What can we expect for Lunch?

Lunch will be posted as we get more info and confirmation. We are asking riders to indicate at registration if they have any special requirements.

Will there be First Aid on the ride?

More info to follow as we get confirmation.

Please ensure you carry all medications and personal items on your person that you will need for your own safety during the ride.

Will there be Tech Support along the way

Tech support will be provided for the entire ride by a local bike shop located out of Wolfville called Banks Bike Shop.

Overnight in Wolfville:

Where will we be staying?

We will be staying in Wolfville. More info to follow as we get confirmation.

What are the details for Dinner?

TBC – A complimentary team dinner will be hosted by Wounded Warriors Canada. More info to follow as we get confirmation.

What are the arrangements for baggage?

Your luggage will be well looked after by the crew. For ease of travel and organization, however, please do try to carry all medications and personal items on your person that you will need for the duration of the ride.

When you arrive on Saturday night, your luggage will be waiting for you. When you arrive at Citadel Hill on Sunday 25th, your luggage will be available to you upon departure.


Where exactly does the ride Finish?

The ride will finish at Citadel Hill in Halifax on Sunday, 25th August. There will be a closing ceremony on the grounds.

How will I get back to Greenwood if I have parked my car there?

More to follow as we get confirmation.

Getting Ready for the Ride:

What sort of preparation would you recommend if I want to participate in the event?

Being physical well prepared to complete the distance will truly help you enjoy the ride and keep you safe. Cycling is easy on your joints and most people find that building-up the distance that they can ride is quite attainable with the proper lead-time.

Strive to be able to ride 100+km beforehand as well as doing rides on back-to-back days. Happy training!

What’s the ideal type of bike?

Whatever bike you feel comfortable and safe riding will always be your best bet for most situations. With that said, a road bike is generally the easiest bike to maintaining a steady riding pace on pavement. There are plenty of road bike options available that put a strong focus on comfort and control.

What are some key things I should consider with my bike?

Taking your bike to your local bike shop is your first best step. They will be able look-over the bike to ensure it is in good working order, perform any needed repairs or recommend replacement of any worn parts. Pay attention to your “contact points” on the bike (seat, shoes & handlebar) to be sure that they’re ready for the additional riding you’ll be doing.

Be sure to also take a look at your tires, as they are a key factor in both safety and comfort. In recent years more riders are moving to tires that are slightly wider which softens any road vibration as well as giving more protection from flats.

While you are at your local store, consider picking-up extra tubes, a mini-pump, tire levers and a small multi-tool (for minor roadside repairs). That way you can be self-sufficient on your training rides.

Does fancy cycling clothing actually make a difference? Or does it just make you “look” fast

The number one consideration that any top-level cyclist has is comfort and so should you. If you’re not comfortable cycling is simply no fun at all. Proper fitting cycling shorts are the number one piece of clothing to have. Having two (or more) pair will allow you to ride whenever the opportunity presents itself and doesn’t tie your riding to laundry day. Cycling shorts are meant to be worn next to skin (i.e. no underwear required) and, though somewhat awkward to walk in, are specifically designed for a cycling position in-mind.

Using anti-friction cream is also a great way to reduce any irritation that might be caused by the repetitive nature of cycling.